Microsoft Windows 8.1: Gearing Up to Address User Complaints

June 26, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

All eyes are on Microsoft’s three-day Build conference in San Francisco, and during this annual developers conference the company will launch a preview of Windows 8.1. In case you didn’t know, the preview will be of a free update that promises to address some drawbacks in its latest version of Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 was released on October 26, and is believed to be the company’s answer to changing customer behavior. The Windows 8 OS had focused on touch control features. But for a few people this radical makeover was disturbing, and they had been complaining about the OS.

One of the main complaints regarding Windows 8 OS was that it lacked a Start button on the lower corner of the screen. In old versions of Windows, the Start button helped in quick access to programs, settings and other functions.


In Windows 8, Microsoft had replaced this Start button with a tablet style, full screen start page. This full screen covered up all other programs people were working on. Also, many other functions such as settings and search box were hidden.

Moreover, Microsoft’s latest Office software package has been designed for the older Windows desktop mode. So, users who log in to the tablet layout at the beginning would be forced to manually switch to the desktop mode.

It is assumed that the annual developer conference will provide Microsoft and its developers a new chance to learn more about the system. Also, Microsoft will get a chance to explain those reasons behind the update and can attract developers and device makers.

Reportedly, one of the new features in Windows 8.1 would be its ability to work well on smaller-screen devices. Rumors suggest that Microsoft would release a new, smaller version of its Surface tablet during the conference.

Above all, Windows 8.1 will let users to start in the desktop mode automatically. In that mode, Microsoft has added a new button that resembles the old Start button, which may make it easier for longtime Windows users to get used with the changes.

The latest Windows 8.1 version would also include more options to use multiple apps. The updated Windows 8 will offer more integrated search results, apps and features.

Clearly, Microsoft is addressing the update as more than just a fix-up job, as they are always capable of making changes in order to respond to customer feedback. Moreover, they have included more innovations to support Windows based devices.

The preview version of Windows 8.1 is basically meant for Microsoft’s partners and other technology developers, but anyone can download the OS for free from today. Are you going to try it?

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