Serving a Microtising Ace: Brand Promotion Hops On to Finger Nails

June 25, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Look where advertising is heading for! Product endorsements have taken a major leap with the advent of technology and the world has already seen tech invasion into the scene in a major way.

From the ads on print to television, on cabs, the web and even human beards, product endorsements have come a long way. With so many options out there companies are vying to effectively garner an edge with innovative marketing strategies.

Sporting events and mass attendance domains have charmed advertisers big time. It is here the latest platform that Sony has hopped on comes as fascinating.


With a major sporting event now underway, Sony thought it would be the best time to go for it. Welcome to Wimbledon 2013, it isn’t just the pretty players or the aces that will grab eyeballs here.

The third Grand Slam of the tennis calendar year seems to be proving itself to be a goldmine for Sony, to say the least. Sony’s highly interesting advertising campaign on the court aims to market its new line of high-resolution 4K TVs.

If you are wondering what we are talking about, Sony, which has brought to the market its 55X9 and 65X9 BRAVIA models, has gone leaps ahead in its thoughts of marketing its 4K line. The company has planted tiny advertisements on British player Anne Keothavong.

Christened Microtising, this new domain of advertising, will have Sony branding on Keothavong’s skirt, shoelaces, equipment and even fingernails!

With part of this year’s Wimbledon being shot in 4k Ultra HD , with Sony’s F55 35mm 4K and an NEX-FS700 camera that would offer up to four times greater resolution than that of standard HD, Sony’s microtising has a future.

Ultra close ups would beam the Sony branding on the tennis star for all of us to watch in awe. Going by what Paul Gyles, Marketing Head of Sony Televisions, has been quoted as saying, the footage generated in 4K will let Sony TV viewers across the world watch every single detail and get much closer to the action. The initiative is aimed at proving that Sony televisions can pick up on the smallest details.


The British star, however, is not a favourite to beat opponents through the tournament. And so, the Sony microtising campaign might end when Anne bows out of the tournament. But then, if she proves she has become a better player this year and stays on, Sony will be the one to gain lots. Folks at Sony might well be hoping to see Anne Keothavong play more matches this year.

Technology in the advertising terrain has lots to do for companies. That is indeed what a Sony branding in Anne Keothavong’s fingernails (pictured above) would prove. Every close up as she serves to the opponent will give the company some amazing mileage, no doubt.

We need to wait to see what other companies are planning next. Commercials have reached the tip of celebrity fingernails, and what next would be a valid question. Do you have the answers, folks?

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