Geak Wearable Finger Ring Sports Android OS; To Roll Out in China

June 19, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

These days, we have been hearing a lot about wearable technology, such as smart watches and eye wear. It seems like almost every other tech firm is working on something of that sort. Adding to the list, a new Chinese firm has come up with a surprising product – a wearable finger ring.

China-based mobilephone maker Geak recently pushed out of its labs a Geak Watch and Geak Ring, along two new Android smartphones. The handsets are named the Geak Mars and Geak Eye.

The surprise element in the list, the Geak finger ring, is reportedly compatible with the smartphones. However, in appearance, it doesn’t have any indication that it is a smart device.


There’s no exact information on the details of this finger ring, but reports suggest that it has three major functions. The device can be used to unlock the Geak handset. And, it allows sharing your contact details to someone with a similar device.

This bulky finger ring also keeps awake your handset when you are holding it. However, right now we are unable to explain the exact system the device uses to work that way.

Available information suggests  that the ring is an Android based device and is said to have a stand-by battery life of 99 years!


On the connectivity front, the Geak Ring supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This accessory also helps your smartphone to show information like weather updates, and acts as a fitness tracker to tell you your pulse and heartbeat rate.

Both the handsets from Geak are Android powered and come with Geak’s own OS. Unfortunately, all these devices are intended only for the Chinese market.


Anyways, let’s tell you about the price details of these devices. The Geak Watch is priced at £200, whereas the Geak Ring comes with a price tag of £20.

Would any of our friends in China throw some more light on the device?

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