Sony SmartWatch Now Open for Developers

June 14, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Even as Apple’s rumored iWatch is getting a lot of attention these days, Sony has pushed its SmartWatch out to the developer domain.

A while ago, Sony launched a new experimental project, where it has opened the device to software developers. Dubbed Open SmartWatch, this project makes it possible for developers to create and flash alternative firmware to the device.

Although developers have created apps for the SmartWatch, it is the first time Sony is opening up the Android powered timepiece.


According to a post published on Sony’s Developer World page, the company hopes that the Open SmartWatch project will inspire developers to go for new innovations. Along with this project, Sony has also released a hacker guide to developers that provides technical information and instructions to flash the device.

It includes information about the display, touch sensor protocols, peripherals and Bluetooth accessibility.

However, Sony has also warned its normal customers to keep the official tested and verified Sony firmware. In case of hacking, you might be permanently lose the warranty of your device. Therefore, unless you are not sure of what to do, steer clear from hacking the SmartWatch by yourself.

Well, we think this is an interesting step from Sony and wish other big electronics companies too have the courage to implement such a move.

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