Gorilla Glass Set to Replace Car Window Glass

June 13, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Corning’s durable Gorilla Glass is usually used in the displays of consumer electronics devices and currently it adorns more than1.5 billion devices around the world. This material is normally used in scratch resistant mobile device screens.

It now seems like Corning Gorilla is now going places. The company is said to be planning to bring its Gorilla Glass to the next level. Wonder where all?

Chances are that the Corning Gorilla Glass feature would soon get on to automobiles too. The ultra durable glass could replace glass on car windows.


Company Senior VP Jeffrey Evenson, has been quoted as saying after the MIT Technology Review’s Mobile Summit in San Francisco, that Gorilla Glass will reduce a vehicle’s weight and lower its center of mass.

He also added that the material can act as a noise filter, thus making car cabins quieter. Though Evenson didn’t mention any particular client, it seems like high end automakers have already been motivated by the idea of including Gorilla Glass in their vehicles.

If all go as per the plan, you will soon see a Gorilla Glass spruced up vehicle in the coming year.

Corning’s Gorilla Glass will thus hit the road to go out and explore a bigger world than just be confined to mobile phones and other smart devices.

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