High Tech Camera Enhancements in the Pipeline; iOS7 Hints Make Us Wait for the Next-Gen iPhone

June 12, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has indeed done its bit at WWDC, and as we discussed we got our eyeballs to grab a few upcoming devices. We also failed in seeing some of the devices we thought would arrive on that big day. That was quite a disappointment, for you and me.

Anyways, what didn’t come, never came, and that’s the truth. So the wait continues, because we all know they would come someday. With the much anticipated next gen iPhone not making it, the disappointment has grown manifold. But then, we know Apple has the device ready to roll, don’t we?

For those who look at things with the utmost pessimism, the advice is to shun the mode and look at iOS 7 that came rolling down Cupertino’s labs.  We have already browsed through tons of info about the mega features that iOS 7 brings along, but then there are more that hide within them something that could excite you and me.


In fact, iOS 7 drops major hints about the next iPhone and also the next gent iPad.

Take a closer look at the camera enhancement features that iOS 7 carries with it and you would understand that the OS version supports 60fps video capture. We know 30fsp is the smartphone standard, and this enhancement could mean that the next gen iPhone would come sporting snappers with 60fps video capture support. That is double what we normally see in smart devices. A resolution of 1080p HD is not to be ruled out in that case.

What all do we need to expect in the next gen iPhone imaging department is one question we all tend to ask, right?  Going by the iOS 7 hints we need to expect to play with smoother videos even when filming objects in motion. Slow motion modes are also a possibility as videos captured at 60fps could help us go after that aspect.


Folks at CNET also tend to think that the next iPhone model could have the capability to shoot images at double the frame-rate, and also keep the battery juice flowing for more time thanks to a finely tuned image processor.

So guys, the iPhone 5 is sure going to be a imaging wizard with all such good magic packed inside.

Smartphones, these days need amazing camera features and that is what manufacturers are looking to achieve so as to climb on top of the pack. We have already seen manufactures like Nokia going the extra mile to make things happen in the imaging terrain.  Nokia’s full-on EOS 41-megapixel camera gave us a sneak peak  some time ago by way of a leaked video, making us hope to see the device actually arrive. Here’s the video in case you missed it when it surfaced a while ago.

High potential camera smartphones seem to be in. And, that’s something we would love to have too without much delay.

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