Apple 2013 MacBook Air: Expectations Galore

June 7, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts, the E3 charm is reaching is peak with big guns like Microsoft and Sony going in for a major battle of the titles.

As reported Sony will take over the E3 podium by storm with a slew of titles, 40 expected as of now, ready to be show cased. That’s about E3 and the gaming community anticipation.

Elsewhere, Apple is ready for a WWDC splash. The interest generated for E3 and WWDC 2013 may not be comparatively analyzed, just owing to the fact that the two events herald different expectations. But then, when Apple books the Moscone Center venue, anticipation runs sky high.


The anticipation for the new 2013 MacBook Air laptop is the topic being debated as of now. It is also a known fact that the 2013 MacBook Air is going to the prime highlight of the event.

What all could come unto us, as part of the MacBook Air pack?  Analyzing the find reported by the folks at 9to5Mac, we need to believe that the new device would boast faster WiFi.

Leaning into it deeper still, we get to know that the rig could come with the new faster 802.11ac WiFi standard. Now, that means, we all would soon be able to usher in fast HD movie streaming, improved file downloads and general file transfers.

A faster WiFi standard is awesome. Don’t you also feel so? The connectivity blitz would be just one of the many features you would get to play with.

Apple might bring in additional specs that would make the new 2013 MacBook Air laptop  a bunch of awesomeness. What we need to expect would be:

  • A 1080p front camera with 1080p video capabilities
  • A dual-microphone system
  • Support for Intel new 4th generation Core processors

These are stuff I  just came across. But then, considering that the showcasing is of a device from the Cupertino labs, we need to be ready for so many surprises too. This one being the most anticipated creations in recent times, Apple would strive to make it even more fascinating. That’s for sure.

For instance, I personally am keeping my fingers crossed to know what all enhancements Apple’s engineers would throw in on the design front. It is going to be an  absolutely interesting laptop when you look at the design angle, that is. But then, no one knows what surprise Apple has been keeping under the wraps.

And then there’s the price factor. My gut feel tells me that the 2013 edition of the MacBook Air would look for those with the heavy wallets. But then, it could be accessible by the not- so-premium customers too. You never know.

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