App Camp For Girls Aims at Teaching Girls All About Programming

June 6, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When you think of the developer community world-wide, you would need to acknowledge the fact that it is male dominant.

However, that doesn’t imply that there aren’t any female developers out there. It is just that the most recognizable to the public are the male faces.

Okay, let’s not delve into a debate of male or female dominance here. A deeper look into this terrain would reveal that there are many female developers who can proudly boast their presence in this arena.

An App Camp for Girls that has been organized by the guys spearheading the Indiegogo campaign brought to the fore the need to address the gender imbalance amongst software developers.

App Camp for Girls

A good move for sure, the camp picks girls at a young age (12-14) and imparts training on the tools of the trade, such as building apps for mobile devices.

Girls at the App Camp get to develop technical skills for programming. They are also taught to figure out and furnish their ideas, design app icons, write details of their apps that will be read by app stores like iTunes or Google Play, when submitted to them.

These activities get along with other physical activities. We’ve witnessed many efforts aimed at teaching girls to program. So girls, if you really think this is the camp that would help you to make it to help you out, just hop over to Indiegogo.

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