Google May Not Add Facial Recognition Features in Glass Until It Has Strong Privacy Policies

June 3, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Although Google’s I/O Conference is over, its Glass still remains a hot topic of discussion. A recent blog post from the company has confirmed that it would not add any facial recognition feature in Google Glass until proper privacy protections are set in place.

Questions regarding facial recognition technology in Glass device had been a topic since the news of the upcoming device hit the industry.

According to the blog, when Google first started the Explorer program, it wanted customer’s participation in shaping this technology before the product launch. And,

Google Glass No facial recognition

Google had been at the receiving end of both interest and concern around the possibilities of facial recognition features in Glass.

Majority of people who are against the facial recognition technology are concerned that Google Glass users will harm the social environment. On the other hand, some think that the app is a harmless or even useful.

However, Google has not completely closed the door on the future, and has confirmed that it would only add the features if there are strong privacy protections in place.

Google also added that during the last few weeks it learned a lot from the community and will continue to accept more suggestions from its customers and developers.

The company has also promised that it would update the software and evolve the policies in the coming days.

So guys, what’s your opinion? Do you like want the facial recognition feature in Glass or not?

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