Apple Tunes in to iRadio; Strikes Deal with Warner Music

June 3, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has signed a deal for recorded music and publishing with Warner Music Group to bring its free internet radio service that has been dubbed iRadio.

This deal suggests that Apple might unveil its iRadio as soon as possible, may be at its Worldwide Developers Conference that begins on June 10.

Earlier, Apple had struck a deal with the world’s largest label Universal Music Group for a radio streaming service. Besides that, Apple is still negotiating with Sony Music Entertainment and Sony Sony/ATV.

Apple iRadio

Sources reveal that Apple will pay a similar or higher per-stream rate. Reports also suggest that Apple is planning to roll out this service globally. Moreover, Apple will also build out its ad business such as audio ads.

That means labels will also get a percentage of ad revenue that would be generated by Apple service. But these payments would only start after the radio service exceeds a certain number of audiences.

Apple’s radio service would be tied to iTunes, and would contain some special features that are not available on its own Pandora, such as it lets users to rewind a song from the middle of it. Also it would have a simple button that enables easy song purchase.

It is expected that Apple would announce the iRadio service at its World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco. Stay tuned.

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