Motorola Tattoos and Pills to Replace Passwords in Future

June 1, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With so many different kinds of accounts, it has become even more difficult to remember passwords for all those accounts and apps.

But this is going to change.

Motorola has revealed that it is currently working on projects to create a special kind of tattoos and pills that can automatically recognize you without the need to enter any kind of information at all.

Regina Duncan, the head of Google-owned Motorola’s special projects declared two projects at the All Things D conference recently, with the first one being an electronic tattoo that can replace your passwords. Duncan was wearing one tattoo model on her forearm.


The sticker tattoo is equipped with sensors and antennas that can be recognized by certain devices such as iPad and smartphones. The tattoo links directly to your device and will allow hassle-free entry to your email or Facebook account.

The other revelation, which is more interesting is a pill called authentication pill. You need to swallow the pill.

It hides a little chip and switch inside, and powered by the electrolytes in your stomach. It has been built to create an 18-bit signal.

However, the technology is still in the gestation phase and wouldn’t make it to release territory any time soon. We will have to wait.

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