360Hero Cameras Record Everything at 360°

June 1, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You can’t deny the fact that 360° videos are great, as they let you see a whole view of your surroundings, top to bottom. Cameras capable of doing 360° can record a whole real life that even your eyes can’t fully show you.

Unfortunately, in order to get 360° videos it really needs a lot of work, money and time.

But 360Heros can make it all easier. 360Heroes has introduced a new camera stand that will allow you to simply slip in GoPro cameras into the right spot so that you can capture everything at 360°.

360Hero Cameras

A typical camera comes with a 170° viewing angle and if you combine more, you’ll get a wider view. But then, it can’t capture full 360°.

With the 360Heros 360 Plug-n-Play holders, you can get a full 360° view horizontally and 180° vertically.

Made from aircraft-grade flexible nylon, the holders boast 6 different GoPro cameras to create an all-seeing eye. The stand also comes with various mounting points for a tripod and tiny fish line holes to suspend the housing in the air.

You can use the 360Heros anywhere, such as events, concerts or even to take your family pictures during a picnic.

At the moment, it’s a Kickstarter project and looks for support.   Are you in the picture?

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