HTC 12-inch Windows RT Tablet Plan Dropped; 7-inch Slate On Track

May 31, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As you all are aware, Microsoft’s Windows RT, the tablet version of its latest Windows 8 OS, was launched in October 2012. But since then only five devices have shipped with this OS, including Microsoft’s own Surface RT.

A few days ago, we heard that HTC was all set to release two Windows RT devices, a 12-inch full sized tablet along with a 7-inch model.

It seems like there is a change in strategy, and HTC is said to have dropped its plans to introduce the larger, 12-inch Windows RT tablet.

A report in this regard suggests that the device maker is concerned about the low demand for larger tablets in the current marketplace. Also the cost of production of such a device would be very high, which would reflect on the final pricing strategy too.


Significantly enough, HTC is not the first manufacturer to cancel plans for a Windows RT product. Earlier, Toshiba and Samsung had cancelled their full-sized Windows RT tablet plans.

In the meantime we just stumbled upon a Bloomberg report that says HTC is still on track with plans to release the 7-inch Windows RT device. We need to expect it to come to our midst by the end of this year.

With all these reports of the cancellation of the 12-incher raging, HTC and Microsoft have preferred to stay quiet. We guess we might hear from them too before long.

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