Helios Introduces Handlebars with Integrated LEDs and GPS Controlled by iPhone

May 29, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have some good news for all you bike enthusiasts out there. The folks at Helios have launched a couple of crazy handlebars with built-in high-power LED lights and a GPS that can be controlled by an iPhone app!

The company recently introduced two types of bicycle handlebar designs. The first one resembles standard road bike handlebars, while the other one is more suitable to mountain biking.

Both the handlebars have rear-facing inbuilt LED bulbs that are integrated at the end of the bars. They produce 500 lumens of light and can act as an indicator or visual speedometer. They can also be used as safety lights or as turn signals. An iPhone app will control the LEDs and can change the color.

Helios Handlebars

For security, the bars are fitted with a GPS unit that would last up to 15 hours. The GPS system can also be controlled by the iPhone app and works with a SIM card that can be loaded with any pre-pay SIM.

We think the idea of integrated lights in the handlebars is great, since they’re harder to steal and always ready to connect.

The Helios handlebars are available in either black or white design for a price of $199 each. Are you getting one of these?

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