Google WiFi Blimps Over Nations where Net Connections Are Not Available

May 28, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is reportedly working on a plan to connect more people from countries such as sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia to the Internet.

The company is planning to build wireless networks in these areas where wired Internet connections aren’t available.

According to reports, Google might use sky-bound balloons and blimps dubbed ‘high altitude Wi-Fi platforms’. It is suggested that the blimps signals can reach to people in areas that are hundreds of square miles and thus will improve the internet speeds in urban areas.


A recent article on the Wall Street Journal had said that Google is looking to widen its business in emerging markets like Africa and Asia where its service is weak or not available.

Apart from Wi-Fi blimps, Google is also considering plans to use a satellite based wireless system.

Google has been working on high-altitude platforms for a long time. In 2000, the company had filed a patent application for a high altitude platform control system, which was said to be an aerospace vehicle, which could improve the performance and reach of a communication system.

Google isn’t the only one working on wireless communication networks. Lockheed Martin, GlobeTel Communications and the company Space Data already have also been working on high-altitude WiFi platforms, which can act as wireless towers.

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