White Nexus 4 Press Images Leak; Android 4.3 Device Could Come on June 10

May 27, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The White Nexus 4 has been giving us sneak peeks all through the last few days. But then, most of the specs were still held tight under wraps, however good the leaks were.

The leaks, for sure, have enticed us to know more on the rig to come. No news had hitherto been revealed on its release.

But now, the latest leaks that come flowing bring with them press images of the device.

Going by what we see, the white Nexus 4 would be running Android 4.3 OS and will start selling from June 10th.


Though officially not confirmed, these images may be seen as giving legitimacy to the previous leaks. Above all, a video of the white model was also released at a Qualcomm booth, hinting at the existence of device.

The model number given for the white variant is E960W, which is slightly off track from the original E960.


The images show no 32GB option for the white beauty, though. Moreover, updated hardware could also remain only a dream.

It would now be better to wait for June 10 to dawn, and see where it goes from there. Does white look better than black? Tell us what you feel in the comment space provided below.

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