Ive-Effect on iOS: Apple iOS 7 to Come with a Welcome New Look

May 25, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We all know Apple’s hardware designer Jony Ive is currently working on iOS platform. He is said to be planning to introduce some significant changes to the platform.

Apple’s new platform, iOS 7, is expected to release at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) scheduled to next month. According to a latest report published by 9to5Mac, the new iOS will have a simple UI.

The site also sheds some light on the new iOS platform and describes it as black, white, and flat all over.


Going by what we hear, Apple will remove the 3D look-and-feel of iOS.  Ive is said to be planning to provide a more uniform look to the OS.

Usually, the iOS apps have different look and color schemes. This will change, as iOS 7 will have a uniform look.

It is also being speculated that Apple’s shiny, transparent lock screens are about to change. They are most probably set to have been flattened and will appear less shiny.

Ive is also planning to make a few more changes, so that the iOS can enhance the usability of the device. But the basic architecture of the home screen will remain the same.

iveThe iOS 7 will support panorama wallpapers and will include a new keyboard and will have a different look. However, no details about the keyboard’s underlying software have been revealed.

The biggest changes are expected to take place in the App Store, Newsstand, Game Center, Safari, Camera, Weather and related departments.

It seems that Apple is planning to make some much-needed changes to the platform. It needs to be seen as good, because Apple’s iOS definitely has been calling for more updates  so as to remain smart, compared with what competitors have been doing.

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