Nokia Drags HTC into Legal Tangle; Alleges HTC One Patent Infringement

May 24, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Legal tangles in the technology terrain seldom seem to end. We have seen a slew of lawsuits filed already by various companies against their rivals.

Now the turn to get into a court battle has come to Nokia and HTC. The two cellphone makers are set to be  engaged in another patent dispute.

As per what we hear, Nokia is going all out to press patent infringement charges against HTC. The device in the spotlight is HTC’s flagship rig, the HTC One.

Nokia, in its lawsuit, has alleged that through the HTC One, the rival company has “violated an additional nine patents belonging to Nokia”.


The allegation is that HTC infringed upon patents related to a few hardware and software features. They include patents on:

  • Enhanced speech
  • Data transmission
  • Efficient component layout
  • Worldwide roaming capabilities
  • Application data sharing between devices
  • Permission management
  • Video encoding /decoding
  • Enhancement of a device’s capabilities by way of applications

With the suit filed in the US before the ITC and the US District Court of Southern California, it looks like Nokia is not budging away from proving its point.

Though news of the lawsuit is currently doing the rounds, HTC has preferred to stay put. We just would want to wait to hear HTC’s take on Nokia’s charges. Stay tuned as we listen with a keen ear.

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