Apple iPhone 5S and Low Cost iPhone Rumored to Sport Colors Galore

May 24, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s time now to play with a riot of colors, Apple style. The Cupertino-based company’s new iPhone 5S and low cost iPhone are said to be blossoming with a range of colors.

Apple is yet to confirm whether they are producing the two new smartphone variants. But rumors are in air regarding their specs and appearance.

The low–cost iPhone could come with a plastic shell, in place of the normal aluminum and may come in white, green, blue and yellow-orange- or navy, gold orange, white and gray colors.


The speculated pricing is between $350 and  $400.

Meanwhile, the iPhone S5, which would boast similar features as the iPhone 5, is also getting painted in a bunch of colors.

Alongside the black and white variants, it might also come in green or gold hues. Speculations also speak of a pink variant. The phone might also possibly sport dual LED flash.

Apple’s low cost iPhone is expected to go into trial production as early as next month. But some say, it is due out in 2014. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5S is set to launch later this year. Previously, it was rumored to be launched during the early part of July.

The rumors could have their origin based on the varied colors that the Apple iPod Touch sports. But then, we wish the grapevine buzz has some truth in it. Who doesn’t want to brandish colored iPhones after all?

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