Meta Google Glass Rival Project Hires Steve Mann as Chief Scientist

May 22, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Meta, a start up, is working hard on a device that would be better than Google Glass! The project has now hired Steve Mann, the father of wearable-computing as its chief scientist.

The Meta product is a pair of augmented reality goggles that would be coupled with a Kinect-like camera and would be able to sense objects in real space and allow users to interact with virtual world.

The manufacturer of the device plans to deliver a kind of 3D, gesture-based UI, which enable its users to see virtual 3D objects overlaying the real world.


Meta was founded by Columbia University computer and neurological science student Meron Gribetz. He also developed a prototype of the wearable device along with a team of wearable computing, computer vision specialists and augmented reality that works beyond a simple heads-up notification and became a full augmented-reality system.

steve_mannThe Meta project is funded by Y Combinator and is on Kickstarter. Though, the device doesn’t have an elegant look like Google Glass, it aims to do much more.

According to Gribetz, Steve Mann has been working on developing a Google Glass-like device for years. His expertise is expected to a huge advantage for Meta project.

If everything goes according to plan, the first devices will start shipping on September 13.

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