Happy Birthday, YouTube: Eight Years of Awesomeness

May 20, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s celebration time at YouTube. It’s been 8 eventful years, and the video streaming website has seen so many amazing videos uploaded on to its space. It all started with just one video uploaded in May 2005, and see how it has grown.

As folks at YouTube themselves believe, they never could have imagined the endless ways in which users would inspire, inform and entertain them every day.

Over the past eight year period, YouTube has grown at such a pace and huge, that these days 100 hours of video are “uploaded per minute”. That is over four days of video stored each minute.


Statistics reveal that every month, more than a billion people access YouTube  for something or the other – can be to read news, answer questions or have fun watching the videos uploaded in fast succession.

Thousands of viewers have accessed videos that never were thought to have the element of charm. Many superstars were created in the process and many are waiting to be celebrities, with YouTube playing their hopeful viral hit.

Eighth anniversary celebrations are in full swing. YouTube will also be rolling out paid subscription channels in the near future.

Subscription or not, YouTube knows people will fly in by the millions to be watch, comment and promote videos made by unknown people all across the world Therein lies the magic. Here’s wishing YouTube a very Happy Birthday!

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