Google Glass Yet-to Come; Talks of Monthly Updates Over-the Air

May 18, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

One innovation that has loads of mention even before it has actually arrived is Google Glass. Recent reports say that Google is planning monthly software updates for the upcoming device.

At a press conference during Google’s developer’s conference, Steve Lee, Product Director for Google Glass confirmed that Google would be shipping monthly updates for the device with new features, bug fixes and polish to the platform.

According to The Next Web, Google would add features and suggestions from developers and Glass explorers. The report suggest that monthly updates for Glass will be installable over-the-air similar to a software update on your smartphone.


Google’s plans for Glass are still unknown. But it is said that Google has already added some apps like Hangouts, Evernote and Twitter to Glass.

Though Google has never mentioned the general release date or shipping details for Glass, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt confirmed that the company won’t ship Glass device until 2014.

Google had invited all the 2,000 participants who had pre-ordered for Glass to pick up their device. Are you one of them?

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