tim-E iPhone Robot is an Alarm Clock and Bedside Buddy

May 17, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you have a hard time waking-up in the morning, the tim-E is specially made for you. Pronounced  ‘Timmy’, tim-E is a robot alarm designed to work with the iPhone.

Now a Kickstarter project, the new iPhone dock has specially designed arms and legs and has the ability to wake you up in the morning in a reliable and customized way.

The device uses your iPhone or the iPod Touch as an animated face. You can also use pictures of your friends and family as the robot’s face.

With tim-E you can build your own customized wake-up routine using a conventional alarm system or you can also wake up to a song from your music library.


Apart from all these, the tim-E alarm can tell you the weather or traffic conditions and record voice reminders to remind you about your do-list. You can also program a brainteaser in order to ensure that you’re actually awake.

There are plenty of iPhone robots in the market, but tim-E stands out in the crowd with an interesting design that would attract kids and grown-ups alike.

The final product that combines a toy, alarm clock and charging station for iPhone or iPod, will be priced at $89.99 and is expected to be released next year.

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