Google Maps Revamped with 3D Images and Social Search

May 16, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Like we all expected, Google, at its annual developer’s conference, unveiled a revamped version of the Google Map service with added features. The revamped version of Google Maps comes with several changes, which gives you ample reasons to explore further.

The revamped Google Maps also take cues from the mobile versions of Maps. In this latest version, the company has eliminated the side bar, so that it gives a much cleaner look at the interface.

As we mentioned, the new version of Google Maps is more customized to suit user needs. The new interface has the search box inside and Google makes good use of the cards. When you click on a location, information regarding those areas appears on the cards.


The app runs smooth and provides exact information that you need within the map and thus eliminate the need to move back and forth between the maps and the old sidebar for search results.

It will also offer a comparison between driving times and public transit times in the location you are looking for. Besides, it will show places that your friends have reviewed, such as restaurants and malls.

The new Google Maps come integrated with Google Earth and Street View along with flight details too. Further, the new visual effects are seamless, and clear. It even offers a 3D view with satellite images. That means the advanced features will let users to see the entire Earth with real time clouds.

Watch Google’s Bernhard Seefeld getting deeper into the revamped Maps here:

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