Beolab 14 From Bang & Olufsen: Surround Sound That Packs In Aesthetics And Acoustics!

May 16, 2013, By Shawn Wagnon

It is not very often that Bang & Olufsen unveil one of their entry level products and it steals the show with ease. Now, surround sound speakers that start at a price of $3,995 might not sound much like an ‘entry level’ offering to many of us. Some of you might already be checking around to see if we got the price right or if we are talking about a surround sound system with the TV included! But the BeoLab 14 unveiled by Bang & Olufsen is as much a piece of art as it is an accessory. And coming from this Danish ‘sound expert’ it is indeed an absolute bargain.

BeoLab 14 From Bang & Olufsen- Aesthetics and acoustics

We were thrilled to be present at Café Royal in London as the latest speaker system was showcased and it lived up to its billing in every sense of the word. Available in a 4.1 or a 5.1 digital surround sound set up, BeoLab 14 consists of 4 aluminum speakers in white and a tapered subwoofer with an 8-inch bass driver. It is capable of dishing out 840W in total with 280W coming from the amplifiers in subwoofer and 140W coming from its gorgeous satellite speakers.

BeoLab 14 From Bang & Olufsen- Display proudly

Since the surround sound speakers are designed to be non-exclusive to Bang & Olufsen television sets, the BeoLab 14 is available in two separate versions. For those who own a TV of the same brand, a BeoLab 14 with subwoofer and four satellite speakers will do as the on-board television speakers double up as center speaker. For those who wish to use BeoLab 14 with other TVs, the 5.1 version carrying an addition satellite speaker is a must. This will obviously set you back by an addition $390 or so along with the initial price of $3,995!

BeoLab 14 From Bang & Olufsen- In a modern home

The ‘sculptural subwoofer’ is the nerve center of the entire design as it brings along with an 8-inch downward-facing driver along with Digital Signal Processor, Adaptive Bass Linearization, room adaptation switch and the controls for the other satellite speakers going across the room. Each of the satellite speakers have been designed to make sure that you will never have to hide them away from plain sight. In fact, if you are shelling out close to $4000 on a surround sound system, you wish to flaunt it proudly. That is exactly what these circular speakers with white body and 16 cm diameter do.

Satellite speakers of BeoLab 14

While the body of the speakers is set in white, the top fabric color can be altered to match the existing color scheme of your living space. Once again, a feature that shows you that BeoLab 14 is as much about design aesthetics as it is about pure acoustics! Crafted from pressure-treated aluminum that ensures that your speakers are made in one piece without joints, design and sound go hand-in-hand here. The speakers come with wall and ceiling mounts as well as slender aluminum floor stands that also add to the BeoLab 14’s distinct charm.

BeoLab 14 From Bang & Olufsen- A look at the subwoofer

The BeoLab 14 is not obviously a design that is meant for everyone. Apart from a sense of sophistication and refined elegance it offers, Bang & Olufsen intend to offer the best in sound quality for those who are design conscious. If your surround sound system needs to accentuate the visual appeal of your home along with delivering uncompromising sound quality, then the BeoLab 14 might be your best bet at its price range. Ergonomic appeal married with exceptional acoustics!

Stylish aluminum floor stands of BeoLab 14

BeoLab 14 From Bang & Olufsen- Multiple skin colors

BeoLab 14 From Bang & Olufsen- Showcased!

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