Samsung Galaxy S IV with Google Stock Android Rumored to Break Ground at Google I/O

May 15, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A vast number of Android fans still prefer stock Android, the default Android version over others. Usually Google’s Nexus devices come with this open source Android version.

But for those who don’t like to purchase a Nexus device, Google is now bringing a top new option for Android lovers.

A rumor suggests that, at this year’s developer conference I/O, Google will announce a ‘Google Edition’ of the Galaxy S IV, the latest flagship from Samsung.

samsung galaxy

We hear the Galaxy SIV GE will feature stock Android but will follow the same design and structure as the original.

This new venture partnership between Google and Samsung will provide a new option for a group of users who prefer stock Android on devices other than a Nexus. Right now, users need to install custom versions of Android in their devices to experience the stock Android.

If the rumor turns true, the addition of stock Android will add an extra charm to the Galaxy S IV handset. The handset comes with features such as removable battery and microSD card slot for memory expansion.

Although, the release date for the device isn’t confirmed, the new S4 is expected to launch in this June. The handset will be available either on T-Mobile bands or through the Google Play Store. At this time, we are unable to mention anything on its price details.

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