Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom to Come with Awesome Camera Capabilities

May 14, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As the world recognizes the importance of the camera on smartphones, Samsung knows it has a greater role to play on that terrain.

That realization has given birth to a 16 megapixel optical lens camera in its Galaxy S4 Zoom. This device looks another of the different variants from the Samsung stables, and would look at widening the appeal of Galaxy line up.

Rumors had been in plenty about this smartphone for a while now too. Small in size, this device should match all the camera focused devices available in market now.


Of late, Nokia, HTC and Apple have made vast improvements in the camera technology in their smartphones. Nokia’s Lumia 920 with PureView technology claims to be able to capture superior low-light pictures.

Meanwhile, HTC has replaced megapixel with ultrapixel for a larger focused 4 MP camera that captures “300% more light than many of the 13 megapixel cameras”. Even Apple has got into the act, which symbolizes the importance given to the camera in a smartphone by customers.

But still, the quality of pictures taken by smartphones seems to be not capable of meeting the quality of pictures taken dedicated camera devices or digital SLRs. Fitting optical zoom lens in a smartphone makes it smart thinking though.

As you know, Samsung is an experienced campaigner in production and sales of digital cameras and has created high voltage expectations among customers regarding the Galaxy S4 Zoom. The S4 zoom may be seen as an apt product for those interested in photography.

We hear the release of phone would happen in June. We aren’t sure about that though. Let’s wait for Sammy to tell us more on that.

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