All Eyes on Google Nexus Q at I/O Event; No One Knows if it Will Actually Arrive

May 14, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Almost a year ago Google had first introduced its Android powered Nexus Q media player device at its I/O developer conference. But later on the company decided to put off the launch indefinitely.

With Google’s 2013 I/O conference set to kick start on this Wednesday, everyone is wondering if it will bring any news on Nexus Q. Google has been silent regarding the launch, however.

When Google had introduced the Nexus Q, it was not an entirely new idea or product, even though it sported an attractive design. The Nexus Q had a unique matte-black spherical shape, which was slightly smaller than a bowling ball.


The device was encircled with a ring of LEDs that can change its colors in correspondence with the music waveforms. The Nexus Q runs custom version of Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and it can be controlled by smartphones and tablets running Android OS.

The Nexus Q acts like a direct gateway to Google Play, the company’s media store that sells MP3s and videos to consumers. You can connect the Nexus Q to an HDTV or home stereo system to play digital audio and video content from Google Play or YouTube.

Besides this stylish design, the device had few specs to attract the customers. For a price of $300, the Nexus Q has less features compared to similar products from its competitors like Microsoft and Apple.

NexusQ (1)

After facing huge criticism on its price and features, Google had then suspended the launch of the Q indefinitely. But it doesn’t mean that Google has entirely dropped the project.

The company might have better plans for the Nexus Q and is expected to return with a strong product to compete with other tech giants.

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