Nokia Lumia 928 Strapped To Remote Controlled Copter; Teases Much on the Handset Camera [Video]

May 10, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Nokia seems to be keeping itself engaged by posting images of Lumia 928 as teasers and updating clips to show off its video and audio recording capabilities.

We have already see the device in the form of images and we now know that the bottom half of Lumia 928’s backside features a large, oval-shaped speaker. The carrier that the handset will come riding on would be Verizon, and the Verizon 4G LTE logo confirms that.

To give us a clear picture of Lumia 928’s video recording capability, Nokia has now strapped the device to the bottom of a remote controlled helicopter so as to record the scenery of the outdoors in British Columbia, Canada.


Although shaky here and there, the video looks stable, considering that it was recorded with the phone attached to flying copter. This was mainly meant to create an awareness regarding the optical image stabilization capability of Lumia 928.

Going by the teaser, there is not much to boost about the design of Lumia 928. But no body would complain about that now, as it gives a fairly good idea of the capability of 928’s 8.7 MP Pureview camera.

The much awaited launch date for the Lumia 928 has not yet been shared by Nokia or the prospective carrier Verizon. Let more teasers emerge and will get to know the date too. What say?

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