Amazon Smartphone in the Works; May Sport 3D Display

May 10, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After tasting success with its Kindle Fire tablets, Amazon is now looking towards the smartphone industry. Rumor mills suggest that the online retailer has plans to introduce its own smartphone in the near future.

Folks at The Wall Street Journal have found that Amazon is readying a new line of gadgets, and it will include its new smartphones.

At the moment, it would be difficult to say if Amazon would make its own mobile platform or whether it would go with Google’s Android OS.


As far as we know, the company would not attempt to create a whole new smartphone platform, as it specializes in online retailing. But, if they have plans to make their own platform, it would be the start of a fifth major mobile platform. Well, it would be cool if they create a new platform that can compete with others that rule the market.

However, if Amazon is planning to use Android, the handset should be very competitive and highly efficient in order to compete with other high-end devices like iPhone and Galaxy line-up.

Also, if Amazon prefers to unveil a heavy Amazon-centric skin like what it did for its tablets, there is little chance for this product to register a comprehensive win.

We also hear that Amazon’s smartphone will be featuring a 3D display that would allow three dimensional images without glasses. That means the images would pop out above the screen! Awesome, right?

The handset will also use retina-tracking technology that lets users to navigate through content using just their eyes.

With all the info in front of us now, we would absolutely be happy to lay our hands on such a device. Bring it on, Amazon!

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