Drones to Drop Beer Cans for Oppikoppi Music Festival Attendees; Place Your Order Via iOS App

May 7, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What if it rains beer? No kidding, folks! Beer is indeed set to shower on us! Still not willing to be convinced? Okay, here goes the story.

Though you may have been witness to beer dropping from up above in television commercials, they are actually gonna do just that. If you are at the Oppikoppi music festival in South Africa this time around, you might be lucky enough to grab your drink that falls on your lap from the sky.

Darkwing Aerials is attempting this by planning to air drop beer from a drone that flies past over head.


The beer dropping drone will be a standard UAV “equipped with a release mechanism for dropping cans of frosty cold beer ”. If you look up for a winged flying device, you may not see such a drone. For, the organizers will be bringing in an octocopter from SteadiDrone  to do the job.

If you are planning to be present for Oppikoppi which gets underway on August 8 and will run till August 10, you just need to place your order. You can do that via an iOS app. And then rest assured, your beer cans will be air dropped for you.

Don’t worry about damage when the can drops. The guys who drop them will be attaching parachutes that will let the beer cans float down gently to your lap.

If even this not leaving you convinced, why don’t you check out the video for yourself? Also let us know, if you are placing your order.

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