IDC Touts Surface Pro as Not Ready for the Market

May 2, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft received some salty words from an IDC analyst, who pointed out how the software giant’s tablet section fares. The foremost thing that he said was fixing Surface Pro.

Tom Mainelli, IDC’s research director for tablets, said that while the Surface Pro is an interesting product, the gadget isn’t yet fully ready to be in the market. One reason he gave was that the battery life of the device wasn’t up to the mark and that it was too heavy.

Even though the Surface Pro has a high performance, it too came under the hammer. Mainelli said that while the Surface Pro performs like a notebook, the device would always be set beside tablets and tablets need a life of 8 to 10 hours, whereas Surface Pro’s battery life of four hours is paltry.


According to an IDC report, Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets together totaled nearly 900,000 units that were shipped in the first quarter, with many of those units being the Surface Pro. There’s a chance that the next-generation Surface Pro might score big, especially since Intel would be ousting their Haswell chips and with the additional improvements, Windows 8 Surface Pro might rise high.

But the IDC isn’t favoring the Surface RT tablet, deeming their marketing strategy as flawed. The RT’s incompatibility with older Windows applications is seen as a major drawback.

Moreover, Microsoft hasn’t yet fallen into step with the small-screen crowd. “On screen sizes, one of the things that really hurt them was at the precise time they were launching Windows RT and Windows Pro into the market, the tablet market shifted toward smaller sizes, particularly when the [iPad] Mini came out [in November],” explained Mainelli.

At that time, Microsoft was busy with the launch of their 10.6-inch tablets. Mainelli says that while a big screen is needed for the Surface to utilize its potential, the market had already shifted to the small sizes, which proved to be a slide down for Microsoft.

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