Apple iOS 7 Getting a Fresh Face; Will Take a While to Arrive

May 2, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Let’s talk about Apple’s operating system, shall we? The news that’s making rounds is that the company’s iOS platform that runs on their iPhones and iPads will be undergoing some major changes.

Now, all that talk has come around the fact that Apple’s longtime hardware design maestro, Jonathan Ive, has been placed in charge of software design as well. That placement occurred during the management fixtures last fall.

Ive, presently the senior vice president of industrial design, is leading the team that’s going to create a new version of the iOS 7. And if any of the various reports that we hear are to be believed, then the new version would be a lot ‘flatter’.


Here’s what Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac wrote: “The new interface is said to be ‘very, very flat”. Another person said that the interface loses all signs of gloss, shine, and skeuomorphism seen across current and past versions of iOS. Another source framed the new OS as having a level of ‘flatness’ approaching recent releases of Microsoft’s Windows Phone ‘Metro’ UI.”

Ring any bells? Looks like Apple is vying a look that would resemble the Windows Phone.

Have you heard of a term called “skeuomorphism”? It’s a term that is used to refer to a concept that something digital looks like something in real.

Skeuomorphism is what’s behind Apple’s plans, which is why iOS has wooden bookshelves for books and papers. But Ive doesn’t like this skeuomorphism thingy.

So he would probably take out all that stuff and bring in something new. But those new things would take a lot of time to tackle and according to a Bloomberg report on Wednesday, the big changes that Ive means to incorporate might make iOS 7 a bit late in coming.

So the upcoming World Wide Developer’s Conference in June won’t be getting to hear about the new operating system.

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