Nokia Looks Up to Hi-Res Cameras for Future Handsets; Arm Pumping Money in Imaging Start Up

April 30, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What would it be like if you get to play with a Nokia rig that has a 41 megapixels snapper?

Ah no, not so soon, but there could be a possibility of the feature rushing into your favorite future Nokia phone!

We tend to say that because we hear that Nokia Growth Partners, which happens to be the venture- capital arm of Nokia Oyj has lined up a strategy to pump in money into the California start up called Pelican Imaging.


The move seems to be aimed at ushering in added imaging quality to Nokia’s future phones. Pelican is known for their array cameras, which deploy multiple-optics and merge the data into one image.

It is a known fact that Nokia had bought out Sweden based imaging software maker Lund last July and rolled out its 41-megapixel 808 PureView last year.

Nokia’s investment arm has told Bloomberg that it plans to invest in the start up. All these make us think that a future day Lumia smart handset might come sporting a 41 megapixels camera, apart from image stabilization and plenoptics.

Interested in knowing more on that? Watch the video below.

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