Cadillac Super Cruise Semi-Automated Vehicle Technology Undergoes Further Testing

April 30, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You have already caught wind of the new technology that Cadillac has been readying for their next generation cars.  The technology, christened Super Cruise,  is a semi-automated driving system and is into its next stage of testing and refinement.

According to Cadillac, the Super Cruise “is capable of semi-automated driving including hands-off lane following, braking and speed control under certain driving conditions”.

Further, it is designed to ease the driver’s workload on freeways only, in bumper-to-bumper traffic and on long road trips. That, however, doesn’t mean the driver’s attention is not required at all.  The Super Cruise test vehicles would use a combination of radar, ultrasonic sensors, cameras and GPS map data, seamlessly integrated for a near-production appearance.


The development and testing has now got on to the real-world , and the technology is being put to driving assessment and trials. Post all trials, Super Cruise will get into production models later this decade, the company has said.

The technology has been tested in Cadillac’s new 2013 models in active, real-world environments. Tests on the Safety Alert Seat and Driver Awareness and Driver Assist features have been done. According to the company, the next phase would get into driving the Super Cruise vehicles in situations that are more challenging.

This, the engineers expect, would help refine the whole tech. Going by what Jeremy Salinger, R&D manager for Super Cruise has stated, “As we continually upgrade Super Cruise’s enabling technologies, it is important to expose the updated system to different environments…The best way to achieve reliable performance is to gather as much data as possible in the conditions our customers will experience.”

With the testing on driving simulators, and limited driving on real roads already finished, parent GM feels  when the testing is over, it would have “accumulated hundreds of thousands of miles of driving in various environments, such as day and night driving and a variety of weather and traffic conditions”.

With Super Cruise getting set, the company now wants to put the system through rigorous testing and technology refinement before introducing it on a production vehicle.

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