Acer Laptop Scheduled for May 3 Reveal Teased in Star Trek Flick

April 29, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Offering a sneak peak of an upcoming device can be done in many ways. Acer, however, wanted to do it on the celluloid screen – that too as part of a movie that had been much anticipated.

Though the company had been fast lining up a May 3 press conference to announce its latest laptop, it seems to have thought of making use of the device’s silver screen presence as a perfect showcase.

Cutting short the suspense, Acer has teased its new laptop model in the soon to release Star Trek Into Darkness. The clips we see in the video (posted below) force us to believe that the new device is massive in size and promises to be unique.

Acer laptop tease

Acer has also confirmed that the device is going to be “unique” and that it would “approach touch and type in a new way.” The video gives us a glimpse of what Acer is trying to tell the world.

Somewhat similar in size to the HP Pavilion HDX, the new laptop may be seen as a crossover between laptop and all-in-one desktop. The 20-inch models of such devices had earlier arrived if you would remember, but they had not been able to charm the market and just faced into oblivion.

Now that Acer’s new massive device has made an appearance, we need to watch closely for the May 3 press conference, where we all might get to see the device in all splendor.  Stay tuned.

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