Yahoo Lifts Wraps Off Thirst Quenching Drink in Japan

April 27, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What all does Yahoo bring unto you? The answer is a stock one, right? From search to news, stock and weather updates, Yahoo gives you all that you would want from the internet company.

But then, ever imagined that the company would bring to retail outlets a Yahoo-branded drink? We can imagine the surprise on your faces. But then this is true.

Yahoo has launched a thirst quencher in Japan. The Japan arm of the company has tried out different tastes and flavors and has come out with this soft drink you all would want to taste at least once.


Though aimed as a thirst quencher, Yahoo also has other plans with the new launch. The company is expected to use the drink as a promotional platform for its web services such as its revamped travel section and also weather and stock updates.

Likely to be share retail space with popular drinks such as Gatorade, the new drink will see itself promoting its new web services, with the branding of these services printed on the bottle’s wrapper.

In a bid to make it popular, Yahoo is also rolling out a new contest that will offer customers the opportunity to win travel packages, digital cameras and other prizes.

If you happen to be a resident of Japan, do not hesitate to tell us more about the new Yahoo drink. Scribble in your thoughts and comments in the space provided below.

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