Microsoft Event on May 21; Image Confirms Xbox 720 Reveal Date

April 26, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Gamers out there, particularly the Xbox fans, have been impatiently looking forward to knowing more about the next gen console christened Xbox 720 for a long time.

They have finally been told by the company that the console is ready for launch. The confirmation has come about via an image that appeared on the official Xbox page and elsewhere.

We too got a glimpse of the image and from what we see, it’s an official announcement of the launch date and time of “A New Generation Revealed”.


The image has also provided a link on the possible reveal beneath the date. The confirmation is on an official reveal, and you gamers out there will need to wait a tad more before you get your gaming fingers on it.

But why is the date May 21, when it should have been some day this April? May be Microsoft is just watching how Sony’s PS4 does.

If you are die hard Xbox gamer, you will get more revelations happening soon after the May 21 date that Microsoft is talking about. E3 2013, the San Francisco June Build conference will follow the Xbox 720 event and they will also give room for Microsoft to decide on platform insight and the like.

If you are one among those impatient gamers waiting to play with the Xbox 720, tell us what all do you expect from the new console that Microsoft has lined up for you.

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