Samsung Galaxy S4 Water-Proof Variant Likely in a Few Weeks

April 25, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Rugged is what smart handset makers think of always. Every time a smart phone is conceived, the scientists try and make it bump-resistant and water friendly. Most of them don’t succeed, as we have experienced our handsets getting very upset when they are around water and falls.

Sammy has a penchant for novelty when it builds its devices. Ruggedness being the in thing, Samsung also has a game up its sleeve, we should say. With rival Sony already showing us how you can even bathe the Xperia Z, Samsung should have felt it’s time to go for something deeper.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has already blown our minds for its awesome features. The Korean company wants to make it better. We hear the company is now making the S4 water friendly too.


So, soon to come is a Galaxy S4 variant that could be both water and dust proof.  If you thought the device that rugged is going to take a while, don’t worry. Samsung has already made it and is out to debut in a few weeks’ time.

Going by what Young Soo Kim, President of Samsung’s operations in the Gulf region, has hinted at,  Samsung might roll out the new rugged device much earlier than you think.

We are just waiting to know more on that. Stay with us.

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