Panasonic Lumix LF1 Aims at Bringing Back the Camera Magic

April 24, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With the growing popularity of smartphones, compact cameras had been pushed to the lull lane. But when it comes to photographers, they still want dedicated cameras as their tools of the trade.

Panasonic knows that very well. The Lumix LF1 is the latest addition to the Panasonic line up. This high-end compact camera comes with a built-in electronic viewfinder.

The small compact camera holds a 12-megapixel, 1/1.7-inch sensor and a lens with focal length of 28-200mm.


Its F2.0 aperture offers better close-up photos, but this gets down to f/5.9 maximum, which is not that bad.

Though there’s no official confirmation about the viewfinder’s resolution, it is said to be of 0.2 inches. It is too small, so you are better off relying on the fixed 3-inch LCD display on the rear.

Like the Lumix G6, the LF1 camera makes benefit of the latest Venus processing engine, which produces high quality images. The camera also has NFC and WiFi connectivity.

Further, the Panasonic Image app lets you control the camera with a tablet or smartphone.

For those eagerly waiting to get hold of the Lumix LF1, it will be available with a price tag of £379 and will start shipping this July.

Well guys? What do you think about this cute Lumix LF1?

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