Obake Takes Touchscreens to Elastic Turf; Pinch, Push or Pull at Will

April 23, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You probably have had hands-on experience on some revolutionary touchscreens. Now that arena is being dramatically expanded and stretched to the limit.

Ever since the technology first arrived on smartphones and tablets, almost all hardware makers have made it a point to incorporate various aspects of touch screen science into their products.

The latest innovation comes with elastic properties!  Driving the initiative are Dhairya Dand and Rob Hemsley of MIT’s Media Lab, who will be ushering in Obake, the new elastic touchscreen surface.


As per what we hear, the Obake touchscreen sits on top of an elastic surface and would let you push, pull or pinch it at will.

Other properties of Obake include enabling of depth cameras, which would gauge your push, pull or pinch and would make the elastic surface mimic them.

Going by what folks at Extreme Tech say, even if you pull pinch or push, the display remains two-dimensional. However, these actions can be done in three dimensions.

The stretchable screen is awesome technology, but we are not sure whether it would arrive on your smartphone in the near future.  May be it could take a while to shape up the way we want it to be.  But then, Obake is what we all would expect to come unto us. Right?

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