BERG Cuckoo Clock Integrates Twitter Activity

April 23, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Some people tend to hold cuckoo clocks close to their hearts. Those charming clocks have been there on their walls for many a year. A UK-based company is now trying to bring the social media addiction into the foray and cuckoo clock lovers will become even more attached to their timely affliction.

Design consultancy BERG has brought about a revolutionary addition to change the way you see the normal cuckoo clock on your wall. They are integrating Twitter into the device!

Working in partnership with Twitter, BERG has created a limited edition wireless clock that deploys the BERG Cloud development kit so as to respond and react to whatever your Twitter account does.


Christened #FLOCK, this wireless clock makes use of Twitter activity to stay charming. The company is now planning to send it off to as many as 10 companies that have been using Twitter in a creative manner.

Their efforts will now be a testing ground for #FLOCK where its creative use of Twitter would be demonstrated and perfected.

Designwise, #FLOCK comprises four houses. Of them, three has brightly colored birds that react to Twitter notifications.

These birds then react to these Tweets by popping out of the houses in different ways.  Meanwhile, BERG has kept the fourth house more in its original form.

Okay guys, let’s now go tweeting to see if the birds really chirp at your twitter notifications.

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