Volkswagen Beetle Teams Up with Apple to Usher in iBeetle

April 22, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have been hearing rumors about automaker Volkswagen teaming up with Apple to introduce an iCar and this speculation seems to be turning true.

The Volkswagen iBeetle that has arrived for the Shanghai Auto Show is indeed the vehicle the grapevine buzz focused upon for the past few days.

For the iPhone fans, the iBeetle has a special iPhone dock and a unique app that lets users to access various in-car functions. The built-in docking station is located on top of the dashboard and allows drivers to communicate with their iPhones.


The iPhone can be used for navigation, to make calls hands free and listening to music.

Above all, it can be also used to access the new VW iPhone app, which is integrated into the Beetle.

According to the automaker, this app provides several different functions to drivers, which includes Spotify via the app, by which drivers can stream media and can listen and share music.

Another option enables users to read out Facebook updates and incoming texts. The app also includes a Postcard feature that allows drivers to send their current location with a map graphic to friends.

Apart from its entertainment features, the app also includes a few useful driving functions that let drivers to measure driving times, fuel economy and distances.

It also provides information on oil and coolant temperature and shows a G meter to measure G-forces in turns. Don’t you think in-car tech has come a long way?

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