Nokia Lumia 928 Image Leaks on Twitter; Gives More Clarity on the Handset

April 19, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have been seeing image and specs leaks of the Nokia Lumia 928 for quite a while, and none have been as revealing as the latest one.

The earlier sneak peeks offered by people out there had displayed in front of the public eye the front and rear of the upcoming device. A rear image of the white version had also leaked earlier.

The latest leak that has come about shows more interesting details. The sides are also clearly shown in the image.


The leak that has been outed by @evleaks on Twitter displays a Windows Phone 8 home screen. The clarity is well etched and this gives the impression that the image is of the actual device.

Expected to be a Verizon exclusive, which is set for release this May, the Nokia Lumia 928 could be a well sought after handset when it actually arrives. We guess the carrier is indeed Verizon though the Nokia  top brass have not confirmed on which carrier the handset will operate.

Leaks have given us only scant details, though many have surfaced on the web. That means, you and I will have to wait a tad more to get the specs list revealed.

Let’s hope the company or some inquisitive mind out there would track the details down for us.

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