Toshiba Kirabook Windows Ultrabook is All About Luxury and Great Performance

April 18, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Luxury comes in different sizes and shapes. Toshiba too has one, even when PC makers are treading the path of austerity.

Toshiba has introduced the new Kirabook, the first product in their newly fashioned KIRA line of luxury ultrabooks.

The device has been introduced with a high resolution display so that it can compete with Apple’s Retina sporting Macbooks. It has a 13.3-inch screen and a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution.


The PixelPure touch screen offers a pixel density of 221 pixels per inch, which makes the Kirabook the first Windows laptop with pixel densities above 200 ppi.

The Corning Concore Glass protected touchscreen enhances the Windows 8 experience for users. Toshiba is also offering a non-touch version of the laptop.

Looking deeper into the design, the Kirabook comes sporting a magnesium alloy chassis, which helps keep its weight down. The laptop weighs just 2.6 pounds and measures 0.7-inch thick. The manufacturer claims that the rig is 90% stronger than Apple’s MacBook Air.

It also packs an LED backlit keyboard that has soft and gentle keys that are comfortable to type.

An Intel Core i5 or i7 processor along with 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB solid state drive add to the awesomeness. The laptop also includes Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and Premiere Elements 11 and high-quality stereo speakers built by Harman Kardon.

Toshiba has also promised a two-year warranty and other premium support and services at no extra charge.  If you are going for it here’s what it would cost you. You will have to part with $1,999.99 for the Core i7, touch variant, $1,799.99 for the Core i5, touch and $1,599.99 for the  Core i5, non-touch variant.

Wouldn’t you want one of these?

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