HTC 606w Mid Range Phone Best Bet for those Who Love HTC One but Can’t Buy One

April 17, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The best thing that ever happened to HTC is the HTC One; at least we could say that for the time being.

However, the HTC One is still a coveted model for many of the consumers due to its hefty price tag.  We assume that users who badly need the phone but don’t have that kind of money might be looking for something similar.

HTC One hasn’t flexed its wings into many of the regions globally, but the latest news indicates that we have another dose of anticipation coming in the form an affordable HTC phone that could possibly be something for those desire a phone like the HTC One.


Some snippets have leaked from the Chinese TENAA database about the HTC 606w and  the image , you can check out yourself, has somewhat the same physical vibe like the China exclusive HTC One SU.

HTC 606w has front facing stereo speakers like their latest flagship. And it’s the pretty same take on the dual soft keys on the front panel.

The 606w’s specs indicate that the company has carefully aligned them not to step on their other devices’ toes and surely this model will have a low profile price range when compared with their premium flagship.

According to Phone Arena, the device’s main engine is said to be  a 1.2 GHz dual core processor supported with 2GB RAM on the memory department. An 8 megapixel UltraPixel camera is mounted on the back of the device.

The display measures 4.3 inch with 720p resolution.  The device will probably pack Android 4.1.2. If you are now looking for the price and availability, you will have to be patient a tad while longer.

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