Fujitsu Turns Paper into Touchscreen

April 17, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Advanced technology devices are getting touch sensitive, but developers at Fujitsu have thought even further. They have pushed out of their stables a new technology that can turn a paper into touch screen media.

The innovative technology named Fingerlink Interaction System doesn’t use any special kind of hardware.

The system only utilizes a webcam with a simple projector and achieves its capabilities via image processing technology.


It monitors documents and spots where fingers are placed and allows capturing the information from any kind of data such as map, sticky note or other paper document.

Like a smartphone, you can also copy an image or a text and can store it into the memory of the device. This technology can also work on any curved or uneven surfaces.

Though the consumer applications for Fingerlink Interaction System have not been determined, according to Fujitsu it could be useful in helping to organize notes or research projects.

The technology is still under development and the developers have plans to introduce a commercial version of the system by fiscal 2014.

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