Facebook Home Could Head for iOS and Windows Phone Too; Parleys On

April 16, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The talk of the town centres around Home, and you all would agree. Facebook’s new outing that was pushed into the Android arena a few days ago now stands the chance of heading for iOS too. It isn’t just iOS, we hear, the app might look at a slot in Windows Phone also.

Going by what a report on Bloomberg talks about, Facebook is in parleys with Apple and Microsoft to push open the gates to their domains so that Home comes unto them too.

As we had earlier reported, the social media major’s Home app for Android had come unto us already. It will now go forth and multiply so as to get into the other two operating systems that have a major fan base.


The friend centric homescreen has been demonstrated to Apple and Microsoft already for perusal. As per what Adam Mosseri, director of product at Facebook, has said, the company has show the two tech majors what Facebook has created and discussions are now on adoption.

Though no final decision has been made as yet, we guess Apple and Microsoft would say yes.  The two companies have however not uttered a word on the development.

If you would remember, Facebook boss Zuckerberg, when asked whether Home would come to Apple devices, had answered a while ago that ‘Facebook has a long, good relationship with Apple, and that Facebook is integrated into the OS’. So the dialogue now happening might take the relationship further, we need to guess.

We just wonder if Facebook Home would be called Home if and when it arrives on iOS. Only time will tell.

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