Apple to Alter LED Backlights to Make iPad 5 Lighter and Thinner

April 12, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

iPad has been Apple’s trump card and it has indeed earned them a good fortune.

Though all versions of iPad sold well, iPad 2 was lighter and thinner than the others. Now, Apple wants to make the upcoming fifth generation iPad close to iPad 2 in weight and thickness.

Apple will use more efficient LEDs in iPad 5 so that a lesser number would suffice and effectively the thickness can be halved. But will this affect the display clarity or crispness? We have to wait for the product to be rolled out to answer that question.


iPad 5’s launch date still remains a mystery. Last year, Apple unveiled the fourth-generation iPad and the iPad Mini in October and released them in early November.

Will it take a year for them to come up with the next one? Many seem to think so. Paul Semenza, an analyst at NPD DisplaySearch has said the other significant change is a likely shift to a film-based touch sensor. He also said that iPad 5 might be launched in the third quarter.

It was the quality of retina display technology that helped Apple topple its competitors and if they are looking to change the technology, it must be better than the existing one for users to accept it.

Will Apple change its display technology? Analysts do think so.

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