Apple iPhone 5S Likely this July; Rumored to Have Five Color Options

April 11, 2013, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s prestigious iPhone 5 is just six months old, but we are already hearing rumors about the next generation handset. According to reports, Apple is going to keep its conventional naming system and therefore, the next generation iPhone will be called ‘iPhone 5S’.

Recently, Japanese website Macotakara released news regarding iPhone 5S. It stated that iPhone 5S will have five different color options, including the usual white and black.

Though the site did not mention anything on the color options, we expect pink, blue, yellow and red versions, because the current fifth generation iPod touch is available in those colors.


On the other hand, Apple Insider reports the iPhone5S will be available only in three colors.

Marcotakara’s report also predicts Apple will announce the iPhone5S launch in July and the shipping will start from August.

We have solid reason to believe in the predictions by Macotakara – they have always been a reliable source for Apple-related news.

Earlier, the site rightly predicted the updated 4-inch fifth generation iPod Touch and the seventh generation of iPod Nano.

Apart from the new color options, rumors also suggest that the iPhone 5S will be available in different sizes. Brain White, a market analyst at Topeka Capital Markets, predicts two or three different sizes for iPhone 5S.

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